Alight Motion Mod APK

Alight Motion Mod APK

With its amazing graphics and countless video editing options, you can create high-quality professional videos by alight motion mod apk installation. Along with these, use animations and visual effects to polish you video editing skills. With the modded version of the original Alight motion app, you get all features unlocked. Thus, it brings energy to your videos.

Alight Motion- Key highlights

  • Creatively edit videos
  • Customise included text and images
  • High-quality graphics support
  • Enhanced Effects & Transitions
  • No watermark on content
  • Easy Sharing options

What does Alight motion offer?

When you download Alight Motion Mod Apk file, you get access to the given amazing features-

  • Several layered Animation– Edit videos with layers features, overlay images with effects that blends all these. Go with the Blending Mode to adjust its effects and appearance. You can utilise its advanced features and tons of editing options.
  • Professional Effects to your video– Options like Layers Opacity, Keyframes, graphics motion imparts more professional look. Using it wider range of editing options and tools you can edit videos for free on the interface.
  • Graphics Addition– There is a rich collection of various features and graphics that can turn your own video content to a professional one.
  • Insert audio and music– It offers massive collection of audio and music, to add into your video.
  • Additional Effects– Fantastic features like- To update background to mind blowing ones, Chroma Key and Green Screen Effects are absolutely amazing. Give professional touch to selected video/image.
  • Artistic Fonts collection– Add on certain textual matter to make the video more appealing and alluring. Apply varied forms and styles to it, customise its size and thickness.
  • Download Watermark-Free Videos– On editing videos using, best thing is that it put no watermark on it.

Download Alight Motion with unlocked features on your smartphone

You can get the best features of the Alight motion, simply by downloading it from any of the third party link. Download its APK file on your smartphone by allowing Download from unknown sources.

Install on your Android,

  1. Head on to your Settings, On the Privacy settings, get the ‘unknown sources’.
  2. Thereafter, download Alight Motion Mod APK.
  3. Select ‘Install’ button to proceed the file installation now.
  4. Launch the app from your home screen now.

Video Editing Tips- Alight Motion

On installing and logging into the video editing interface, begin exploring its various features and amazing navigations to know video editing techniques and tools-

  • Enhance video credibility by using high-quality video.
  • Create smooth & dynamic background scenes with the Keyframe animation.
  • Try the available Effects & transitions.
  • Ensure to correct colors and gradients of the video.
  • Synchronise music along with the ongoing screen transitions.x
  • Adjust proper sound level with soft and audible quality.
  • Customise appearance such that it may not appear too dark/bright.


Is Alight motion mod APK safe to use?

Yes, Alight motion mod APK is absolutely safer to use. Ensure that you access it from reliable site.

Can I use it on my PC?

You can access the app features right on your PC by performing simple download through emulator.

Does it offers editing tools for free?

The modded version unlocks all the features that you may not get on the original Alight motion app.

What are different Alight motion professional features?

Several visual effects & transitions
Multi-layered Graphics
Keyframe animation
Blur options based on video velocity
High-quality export
Numerous other edit tools
Graphics support